Thursday, September 28, 2017


Restless, the sea,
in slap and sparring agitation,
churns colour in its tumbrel
from the rousing wake
of journeying.
Like the charnel house
jumble of dreaming
in wakeful moments,
catching uninvited
in an ambush of distraction
these days are choppy waters,
a disturbation of the even temperance
of peace and the mechanism of tides.

Friday, September 22, 2017

You fill my eyes with silence

You fill my eyes with silence;
with the deafening colour
of evening you blind my ears.
You lay a golden path
before me;
my soul walks on water
in the wondrous wake
of eventide.
Nothing is still
yet all is suspended
in the silence,
in my eyes,
in the journeying
that takes no step.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A last kiss

What will be our last kiss?

A Judas kiss,
armed and dangerous,
ambushing us unawares
in vicious kidnap.

A Joyous kiss,
as you or I slide softly
between death’s sheets
shedding pain with the old skin
and into the warm embrace
of refreshment.

A Jealous kiss,
of envy,
as you escape the captivity of now,
with its cages and caverns,
for the eternity behind the curtain.

A Joining kiss
that embraces
both of us with its fusion
and pairs us in an everlasting marriage
that death ‘doth NOT part’.
More than the conjoining of limbs
and the probing of love,
more than the selfish satisfaction
of a moment.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lost at sea

Lost at sea as the sun goes down
and day puts on its night-time gown,
and time and tide keep on their round
of ebb and flow,
of come and go
of the embryo
that daily dies at dusk.

Lost at sea as dream-time waits
in the wings that dark creates
with its false, enticing, baits
of other ways
on other days
when, bearing rays
of light, the sun beguiles again.